The Athletes Foot

The Athlete’s Foot are Australia’s largest athletic footwear retailer

With an online store and 138 stores across the country, they focus on credible, proven footwear brands sold on function and fit.
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Simplifying complicated design

The Athlete’s Foot's wanted to align their hugely successful physical stores with their online presence, providing the same engaging, personalised experience. During my time at eWave agancy I helped create a cleaner journey for customers to browse their products and connect with the brand digitally. They wanted to empower their customers and I created the tools to do so with compelling experiences at every touchpoint.

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Crafting a solution

The Athlete’s Foot’s website didn’t feel like anything exceptionally different to it’s competition and with so many options it was hard to quickly navigate and find the shoe you were looking for. I wanted to create a design that inspired it’s customers to think big and envision themselves conquering dreams wearing their shoes. I worked within a team of designers, crafting wireframes and prototypes to pitch easier collapsible filter-by-options and simplify the user journey. We also conduct a range of user research and testign such as card sorting to determine the most important and engaging options to show to the users. Energising users with visual search details and enabling them to picture the end result more clearly while still communicating the brand.

The Athletes Foot filter-by before
The Athletes Foot filter-by during
The Athletes Foot filter-by during
The Athletes Foot filter-by during
The Athletes Foot filter-by after

Making their vision come to life

As well as their sleek category pages I also contributed to re-designing their minimalist homepage, product detail pages and amongst other pages with meaningful features and innovative mobile-first designs. I pushed myself to think outside of the box to create an online world of shoes that I would want to bookmark.

The Athletes Foot desktop view

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