MyoPure are a leading online retailer of no-nonsense nutrition and fitness products

Since 2001, they have fueled hundreds of bodybuilders, athletes and those wanting to live a healthier lifestyle with their quality protein powders, amino acids and supplements.
Myopure Desktop view
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Translating complex technologies

Myopure’s sales growth had outpaced their existing website technology. The business had outgrown its dated digital infrastructure. My challenge was to lead and work with developers to integrate and merge Myopure to a new platform which would meet their current needs and future growth. I also had to think of creative ways to fix UX issues, like displaying lots of information in their drop-down menu which was presently confusing customers as to where to go.

Myopure before
Myopure after

Launching a re-engineered experience

I successfully lead the team to transition their entire website to a new engine, providing an easier, richer UI experience for both MyoPure and their customers. With high attention to detail, I ensured every product moved across seamlessly and looked great within the new fresh design, grouping key categories with visual icons and stripping back the drop-down menu. I precisely converted the state-of-the-art design into responsive code, ensuring it was custom-built for every screen size. The result for Myopure was an increase in both income and website traffic, exciting both customers and brand loyalists alike.

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